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Teaching Engineering: A Workshop for Teacher Educators

Three Workshops: July 10-12, 2023 (Grove City, PA) OR July 12-14 (Penn State University Park)

The adoption of the new Pennsylvania Integrated Standards for Science, Environment, Ecology, Technology, and Engineering creates a need for curricular materials and professional learning opportunities for teachers across the commonwealth. This workshop focuses on engineering in elementary settings and establishing a network of teacher educators who can help classroom teachers navigate this shift to teaching engineering content using engineering practices and crosscutting concepts.

Teacher educators (those who have the ability to conduct professional learning for classroom teachers) will learn about engineering and best pedagogical practices for teaching engineering. They will experience as learners one early elementary and one upper elementary engineering unit from Youth Engineering Solutions (YES). In exchange for teaching at least one workshop for 10+ teachers, participants will receive a generous voucher for YES – Elementary curriculum with which to start a lending library of kits for teaching in schools without sufficient resources.