Center for Science and the Schools

Bridging STEM Research and K-12 Education

Mission Statement:

CSATS is a leader in transforming precollege STEM education, contributing to the university’s land-grant mission in a 21st-century context by leveraging the research being done at Penn State. CSATS works with Penn State researchers and their colleagues to develop, implement, assess, and disseminate STEM outreach programs by:

  • Collaborating with Penn State researchers and faculty on their broader impact/education components of research grants.
  • Developing professional programs for educators to engage with STEM researchers and enhance curriculum to include relevant, meaningful learning experiences for students on local to global scales.
  • Building partnerships with stakeholders including business and industry, higher education, K-12 education, libraries, science centers and museums, and others to engage in transforming STEM education for our next generation and prepare for an ever-changing modern society. 


  1. Assist STEM and STEM education researchers with writing grant proposals sections that lead to the development of K-12 STEM outreach programs, enhancing the competitiveness of grant proposals.

  2. Collaborate with STEM researchers and other outreach providers to design and implement K-12 teacher professional development and outreach programs.

  3. Provide professional development, resources, and support for K-12 teachers that build capacity for implementing research-based teaching strategies known to enhance K-12 STEM learning.

  4. Provide leadership in STEM outreach across the Commonwealth, including the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of science education in schools, communities, and workplace settings.

  5. Disseminate information about Penn State-wide STEM education opportunities to K-12 educators, state level education agencies, libraries, science centers and museums, and the general public

  6. Contribute to the science education field through the research of broader impacts/education programs and dissemination of research findings at conferences and in publications.