Success Stories

I have participated in numerous professional development opportunities. This was the most productive, educational experience yet! What you allowed me to learn is invaluable. You have permanently changed my career for the better.

ASSIST, Research Experience for Teachers Program, 2016

- Travis Martin, CSATS Fellow, Science Teacher, Bellwood-Antis School District

I always had interest in communicating with other audiences, but I didn't know how to do that...CSATS helped me learn how to communicate with high school teachers and with their students to set up the right communication strategies to reach broader audiences. CSATS has been very helpful to me, not only just in my outreach to different students, schools, and communities, but also my outreach to other scientists.

- Tom Richard, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Director of Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment

My experience working with CSATS has been very positive. CSATS guided me every step of the way to leading a very successful summer workshop. From my interactions with teachers, it was obvsious that they care deeply about their students, and want to provide them with the highest quality of education. I was very impressed with their students' passion for learning about the atmosphere, and the excitement of seeing their first experience doing research.

- Steven Fieldstein, Ph.D., Professor of Meteorology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Penn State

It's always great to see scientists in the field who are interested and dedicated to sharing their work with teachers to magnify the impact of their work. This is how change happens!

I-STEAM Survival of the Fittest Workshop, 2017

- Teacher

This program affords tremendous opportunities for graduate fellows, teachers, and grade-school students alike--Bringing graduate-level research into junior high classrooms has been and continues to be an invaluable experience.

Carbon Earth Program, 2012-2015

- Seth Wilberding, Doctoral Student, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Penn State

I have seen this affect my students' learning and their desire to investigate a variety of scientific topics. When a science lab is set up, the students are eager to analyze, interpret, record and share their findings. They are then motivated to go back and try different ways that others conducted the investigation.

Saturday Science Workshop

- Kris Walters, Claysburg-Kimmel School District

Thank you SO much for all the information and materials. I must say, I have already started to do lessons with my classes and they are so engaged, interested, and learning so much! They think it is the coolest thing, and actually were surprised they could do experimental science! Again, thank you very much for the materials - I will try to send some photos of the mini "Wind-Fair" student poster presentation session I am planning to create, once the students collect, organize, and analyze their data. I really hope I can make this either a departmental or school-wide event. Again, I cannot thank you enough.

Saturday Science Workshop

- Ryan B., Hazleton Area High School

This workshop helped me with building authentic research projects for my students, improved my knowledge in botany/etymology and helped my comfort level with implemeting STEM in the classroom. Thank you!

APPL-RED Summer Workshop, 2017

- Teacher

The program that you are running, and the way you are running it has such great value to both teachers and students. It is programs like this that lay the foundation for our future workforce and success in the STEM based fields.

Summer Research Experiences for Teachers, 2016

- Kevin Neigh, Chemical Engineer, BASF

This event (Research Experiences for Teachers) would not have occurred absent your (CSATS) involvement and support. My teacher's work really is germane to our activities. Thanks again fro making this summer experience possible and your extraordinary vision for industry and education partnerships

Summer Research Experiences for Teachers Program, 2017

- Ed Ekert, President, Apogee Technology

I think it is essential for today’s high school STEM teachers to be aware of the high level of technical expertise required by both technicians and engineers in today’s work environment, and I believe this program is helping achieve that goal.

Summer Research Experiences for Teachers, 2016

- David Love, Manager of Materials Center for Excellence, Westinghouse

I was looking for more in-depth information, curriculum, and knowledge in biofuel and bioproducts and I certainly got it.

NEWBio, Summer One-Week Workshop, 2015

- Teacher